Spanish World Singapore | Spanish for Teens (age 14-17)

Spanish for Teens (age 14-17)


This class is for all Teenagers' students who want to develop accuracy and fluency in expression and control over vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and intonation in Spanish working in groups and interacting with other teens.

Tuition fee:

Native: $390 (1.5 hour/lesson)
Semi-Native: $350 (1 hour/lesson)
Non-Native: $350 (1 hour/lesson)

Materials Fee:

Depend on the classes

Class size:


Number of lessons:


Total hours of tuition:

10 - 15

Private lessons are available for this program
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About this program

14–17 year old students: We prepare this group of students with our Teen Program (T program) using a teaching methodology geared towards older adolescents. This course is suitable for students who are not planning for sitting IGCSE examinations and would like to consider taking Spanish exams later.

Official Exams: *Upon completing the courses, students wanting to take an official exam need to take a DELE (A1,A2, B1) or IB Preparation Course to go through the examinations skills and past exam papers in order to be well-prepared for the exam.

Students that decide to skip DELE or other examinations would take a bridge course to continue with a more advanced level Spanish learning suitable to their level.

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