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Spanish for Teens

Broaden your horizons with an increasing level of Spanish for teenagers, ages 10 to 17 with the ultimate aim of success in exams at secondary level.

Our Spanish for Teens courses are divided into two categories according to age and examination:

  • 10–13 years old (IGCSE, GCSE Program);
  • 14–17 years old (IB, DSE, DELE Program).

Spanish for Teens (age 10-17)

Our aim is to prepare all the Teenagers' students age 10-17 years old, both native and non-natives, all types of levels, who want to develop accuracy and fluency in expression and control over vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and intonation in Spanish working in groups and interacting with other teens.

We also pay special attention to those examinations that include Spanish among their repertoire (IB, IGCSE, A Level programs).

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