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Spanish for Adults Intermediate B1


B1 LEVEL is divided into 6 modules: each module comprises 10 lessons (20 hours); 120 hours in total.

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    About this program

    In order to reach the next level, students will need to complete at 80% of the attendance

    Required Materials

    Aula Internacional 3 Text Book

    Below is a taster of the content of the first two modules of this course…

    Module B1.1

    • Narrating past experiences
    • Talking about your habits in present tense
    • Talking about childhood memories
    • Talking about changes in life
    • Talking about their learning activity past and present
    • Talking about work experience
    • Talking about future actions and situations
    • Talking about plans in the future
    • Showing agreement or disagreements
    • Guessing about the future
    • Expressing conditions and its consecuences
    • Understanding texts (descriptive, narrative, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, enquiry letters, job ads, emails, journal articles, cover letters, songs, etc.)
    • Writing texts (descriptive, narrative, interviews, questionnaires, emails, a brief covering letter, etc.)
    • Getting to know Hispanic culture (local festivals; TV programmes, serials and games from the past; Hispanic actors; the educational system in Spain; etc.)

    Module B1.2

    • Expressing prohibitions and compulsion or things that are forbidden
    • Expressing impersonality
    • Expressing preferences
    • Talking about social graces
    • Talking about festivals
    • Talking about movie or cinema genres
    • Explaining or summarizing an argument about a book, a movie or a TV serial
    • Explaining an argument from a play, a short story or a novel
    • Rating and recommending a movie, a book, a TV serial, a play
    • Understanding basic jokes
    • Being able to act and interact in an informal gathering
    • Narrating stories and anecdotes
    • Understanding texts (dialectical, descriptive, narrative, ads and signs, statistics, questionnaires, life experience narrations, feature articles, forum posts, jokes, literary texts, billboard, TV schedules, etc.)
    • Writing texts (descriptive, narrative, ads and signs, statistics, forum posts, scripts, etc.)
    • Getting to know Hispanic culture (social graces, cultural misunderstandings, the work situation in Hispanic countries, social habits, Hispanic festivals, Hispanic cinema, Hispanic TV programmes, etc.)
    • Suggested book: No word from Gurb by Eduardo Mendoza

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